Focus Hoops Spotlight: Meli Gretter

Focus Hoops Spotlight is a weekly series that will put in the spotlight our favourite players. These may be historic, current or up and coming players that we appreciate their game and their contribution to the sport we love.

To kick off the series we’re highlighting a player I’ve been threatening to write about for some time now, Meli Gretter.

Gretter in action against Puerto Rico Credit: A Pulman

The summer of 2017 was a brilliant time for any fans of FIBA basketball who had access to YouTube and That summer saw international competition the world over, including a great Eurobasket and Afrobasket. But some of this author’s favourite play over that summer was in the FIBA Women’s Americup hosted by Argentina.

One player stood out overall in that tournament, her name is Meli Gretter.

Argentina’s point guard Meli Gretter has a distinctive look, small in stature and wearing a thick headband she immediately put me in mind of Allen Iverson, with her ball handling and smooth passing.

Gretter in action as an Under-19 showing off her rebounding and scoring ability.

Gretter is a complete point guard, able to command her team, pass, shoot, dribble and drive at the hoop.

Gretter was born on the 24th January 1993 in Rafaela, Argentina and from an early age excelled at basketball representing her country from under-15 level right up to leading the senior national side into Americup and World cup competition.

Gretter’s flashy play is a big part of her appeal. Credit: Meli Gretter’s twitter.

Gretter has not yet made the step to the WNBA but has played domestic hoops outside of Argentina, playing in The Spanish Women’s league and most recently winning the Brazilian league with Vera Cruz, being one of the best players in the league, and winning the Finals MVP. Gretter has been a South American champion with Corinthians and has won domestic titles in Argentina with Union Florida.

This past summer, Gretter led Argentina to the South American championship, breaking a 70-year drought and ending the Brazilian domination of that tournament with an MVP performance.

Outside of the incredible stats and the myriad awards, the thing that stands out about Gretter is the way she plays the game.

Gretter plays the game with a mixture of grit and swagger. Able to score from anywhere, in any way, Gretter excels at shooting from range, and her dynamic ball-handling allows her to create separation and get the shot she wants.

Gretter, one of the smallest players on the floor whenever she plays, is as brave and she is smart. Saving her best work from the Americup for the Final Gretter demonstrated her dedication to victory. In the clip, you’ll see Gretter drive at full pace coast to coast at the rim and putting her body on the line to make the play for her team.

A brave play for your biggest and strongest player on the floor, not to mention your leader and point guard.

Gretter led the final with 23 points and 4 assists as Argentina fell just short of gold.

In summary, Melisa Gretter is the first Focus Hoops Spotlight player because of the way she plays the game. Gretter is a hardworking and intelligent guard who can drive, pass and shoot and doesn’t shirk her defensive duties.

Gretter is the type of player that makes teams better and the game more fun to watch.

Passion for the game is passion for the game. Credit: FIBA

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