About Us

Focushoops.com is dedicated to creating high-quality basketball coverage focusing on British and FIBA basketball, with more than half an eye on the NBA and G-League.

An offshoot of SplitFocusSports, the quality and quantity of our basketball coverage demanded a dedicated website and thus FocusHoops was born.

We have several podcasts on the SplitFocusSports Podcast Network, including regular player podcasts, BBL24 – our BBL wrap-up show,  FIBA Focus and specials.

Meet the team

Darren Paul – Editor and Lead Basketball writer for Focus Hoops. Writer, commentator, podcaster, social and digital media. Having founded SplitFocusSports as a new platform to talk sports, British Basketball took over his life and FocusHoops was born to focus primarily on the hoops.

Graham Marshall – Social and digital media for FocusHoops, Graham has taken an active role in upcoming projects across the SplitFocusSports Podcast Network and FocusHoops with a wealth of knowledge in video production and digital media.

Peter David – Social media, writer and Podcast personality across SplitFocusSports Podcast Network. Peter is an avid fan of all things Minnesota Timberwolves and Ricky Rubio.

Teisha Elizabeth – Podcast personality and writer across the SplitFocusSports network, Teisha is a passionate Raptors fan hoping for a return of the Carter glory days.