Welcome to FocusHoops.com

Welcome to the new home of SplitFocusSports basketball content.

As you may be aware if you’re a regular of Splitfocussports.com, our social media or know any of us writers personally, you will notice how basketball has consumed us and our website.

To reflect the passion and dedication we have towards the sport of basketball, it was decided to open a dedicated basketball website, covering primarily British and English basketball as well as NBA, WNBA and FIBA hoops the world over.

SplitFocusSports.com lives on, with the great coverage of any and every sport, with the exception of hoops which will now live here. And don’t forget our incredible sister site, Splitfocusentertainment, which covers all the news and views of the West End and beyond.

Thank you for continuing to support us on our journey to bring you coverage of the sports we love.

Check out our brand new Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages for loads of great content!

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